Freedom from Bullshit, Oppression, and Madness.

f-bom is about unity between all people no matter color of skin, personal beliefs, sexual preference or gender. If we are to have a succeful society, we need to work together and become united for a common cause so we all can have true liberty.


(The quality or state of being free)

All people want to be free to live the lives they want to live. The word freedom is used quite often to describe most western nations. But are we really free? If you take a closer look, we are not as free as we like to think we are.


(Talk nonsense to (someone), typically to be misleading or deceptive)

We don't want to be lied to anymore. From the media to the governemnt and everything in-between. We want the truth and only the truth! Fear is a tactic often used to create division amongst the people. The Media twists the truth and even flat out lies to cause people to feel uneasy and fear one another, especially people of a different race or belief.


(Unjust or cruel exercise of authority or power)

Many countries, societies, and races are being oppressed around the world. Countries because they contain a valuable resource that the weathly people of the world want to exploit. Societies because of their beliefs, usually religion. Races becuase of the color of their skin. There is even oppression of the middle class, the hard working person who is making less and less money causing them to have to work harder to make ends meet. More and higher taxes, steady increase in healthcare costs, and general cost of living going up while wages stay stagnant or drop. People don't think of the middle class when they think of oppression, but it's true, the wealthiest powers of the world are squeezing (oppressing) the middle working class.


(Behavior or thinking that is very foolish or dangerous)

Terrible acts carried out by individuals, local groups, militaries and terrorist groups. Violence and killing of people to try to solve a problem is total madness and will never accomplish the intended goals. Individuals carrying out mass shootings, police unjustly killing a civilian, civilians killing police in retaliation, terrorist organizations doing attacks on innocent people, and militaries bombing and killing people all over the world will do nothing to create unity and peace. We need to get back to living peaceful and using violence only as a means of self-defense. The world will never be 100 percent at peace, there will always be some people out there willing to do harm to others. But what we have today is completely out of control and getting worse. History has proven, madness never works!