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In the wake of what is happening around the world, it's time for all of us to refocus our efforts. Right now, we are allowing the media and government to divide us. We all do it. We are Republican, Democrat, Independent, or whatever we want to label ourselves as. The reality is, we are The People! That means we are one united front, or at least we should be. But the moment we go look at the media that is fed to us by the very wealthy people of the world, we see and hear, Black vs White, Muslim vs Christian, Left vs Right, Straight vs Gay and so on. If you are a car person it's likely Chevy vs Ford. Why are we so hell bent at being divided and hating each other? It's time to open up and realize we are all on this planet together and we all must figure out how to be united. In a free society, the People are the ones that are supposed to be in power, not the government, the corporations, or the police!

Right now a huge issue is the police. We act like they have control over us! They don't! We pay thier paychecks so we have a right to demand that the police work to protect us. Last I checked, it's innocent until proven guilty. So shooting first and asking questions later doesn't work! With that being said, we can not be divided on this issue either! The police have a very tough job to do and it's our job to do everything we can to help them out. Starting with the fact we as citizens need to make them feel safe too! There is supposed to be a good relationship between the police and citizens, not a bad one. It takes both sides to work towards improving that relationship!

If we don't start working towards unity now, this photo will start becoming all too common. It will become us vs them. We don't want that! Stop being a part of the problem and support a movement that preaches unity between all people!

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Ladies t-shirts are now available. I know, I's pink! But what is more kick ass than our black logo on a pink t-shirt?! Maybe a squirl on waterskis, but not much else! These shirts are high quality and made my American Apparel.

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